Beauty is Pain

Beauty is Pain
Ch 1
I hate leaving my house. When I leave my house, something always goes wrong. Today was no exception.
This is my stupidly amazing life story.

I have to go to school at least 80% of the time and I’ve already skipped a lot. My mom would skin me if I don’t pass and you need attendance to pass.
I sigh as I open my front door. I lock the door and begin to run.
“It’s Anthony!”
“My daughters are single!”
“You can have me instead ”
“Have my grandchildren!”
Lord, the Moms never give me a break. They are my first hurdle. Get through the neighborhood and to the bus. It takes 5 minutes. The longest five minutes of my life happens every single day. Next comes the stray animals. And I say stray as in every bird, cat, dog, etc. that lives in this area. All of them attack, but they attack like they’re in heat. I just want to make it to the bus. Why can’t I just get to the bus?
With seconds to spare, I make the bus that almost left. It’s a 5 minute walk to the bus, a 15 minute ride to the ferry, half-hour ferry ride and 30 minute on the train. Can I make it to school today?

My mom says that God gave me the gift of “sexiness”. Coming from her, I was already shivering, but after experiencing this mayhem for as long as I can remember I can’t see how she isn’t right.
I just got on the bus and every man and woman on this bus looks like they about to jump me. I would stay close to the bus driver if I didn’t know better. But I do know better and I know that the driver would be too distracted to drive because they wanted to cop a feel.

Just 1 hour and 15 minutes until the real trial. Will I make it until then?

Ch 2

Just having to be in this bus makes my skin crawl. I listen to music to ignore the panting of the people behind me. Don’t use me for wet dreams.

My name is Anthony D’Angelo. I’m not some angel or an incubus. And yet, no matter your gender or your species, you will all be subjected to what my mother calls my “sexiness”. She says it’s genetic and on my paternal side. Thanks, Dad.
Of course this never happens to him. Sure for his age he’s kinda handsome, I guess. Wait, I’ll take about this later. Someone really copped a feel. Don’t touch my butt.
“Pervert,” I shout.

They usually stop at that point. Knowing that I’ll call them out and I will call them out, people tend to stop touching me on public transportation. However, if all of them joined together to attack, this method would immediately stop working.
The bus stops at the last stop and I run out the bus. (I will be doing a lot of running. A LOT.)

I reach the ferry terminal and see that the next ferry is in three minutes. That is still too long. There are mounds of tourist here and I see their eyes become more animalistic. I enter the bathroom and lock myself in the stall. I’m okay with whatever they think I’m doing as long as they don’t touch.

“Ant is that you?”
“Tom?” I say to myself.
I slowly unlock the door and it’s him.
“Tom” I said through half crying eyes as I slam open the door.
Tom is my only friend. He is one of the only people that can escape my blessings (curse).
“Dude, I told you hoody, glasses, all long sleeves and never look anyone in the eyes!”

Tom is scolding me. It’s so normal.
“Dude, stop crying. Here,” he says as he hands me all new protective gear.
“Will we make it through today?” I ask.
“As long as you’ve got me,” Tom replies with a reliable smile. “And stop crying.”

We race for the ferry and I try to not hit anyone while I look at floor to not “look anyone in the eyes.”

Tom grabs me by the arm and brings me onto the boat. On the boat we hid in the bathroom inside the handicapped stall. I apologize to any handicapped person that needs the bathroom, but this stall is my savior.

“Don’t move, don’t speak. You throw out pheromones when you move and your voice is like honey to suckers.”
“Tom, I know you mean well, but gross.”
Tom shrugs and hands me the homework and notes I have to copy from my current absents.

Leaving my house is still difficult for me. If I could, I would be a hermit with 2-Dimensional girls as my wives. Yes, I said wives.

“You’re not going home. I’m dragging you to class. End of story.”
I click my teeth. Tom and I have been together since 2nd grade when I transferred schools. Okay, that was the 12th school that I transferred to since preschool, but it wasn’t my fault. There were incidents that made me transfer:
Preschool: ALL of my teachers tried to touch me during nap time.
Kindergarten: ALL the girls and guys in my class fought over who would be my wife.
1st grade: I got bullied on several occasions for having a pretty face and body. The excuse was “there’s no way you’re a boy.”

I was already used to transferring and I had no trust in anyone because of how they behaved. When I met Tom I thought now that’s a great guy, but still can I go watch anime.

Ch 3
We were walking to the train, just Tom and I. I was walking, not running. I couldn’t help sigh with relief. I shouldn’t have. Why the hell did I sigh. Every living thing turned their head at me. I bet you statues wanted to turn their heads, too.
“Run,” whispers Tom.

We dashed through the people, into the streets, avoiding the cars that honked us; we entered the station and swiped our cards. I’m hiding behind Tom to avoid attention and looking at the signs above us.

“Ant, just once can’t you follow the rules I set. Wear the protective gear, don’t talk, and don’t look anyone in the eyes!”
“I didn’t talk, I sighed,” I muttered in his direction. That received a slap in the back of the head.

We turn around and there she is.
Damn, I thought. It’s Lillian.
She is also a student of our school. Now that I thought about it haven’t explained why I go to school or how I got into this school. For your information, I am not smart, not athletic and had no way of getting into a normal school. So, you can guess that my school isn’t normal. 68% of the students are smart enough to get into an Ivy League school, though this school breaks that system. And the other 32%, well, those kids are freaks.

“I guess that makes you a freak,” Tom states.
“Stop listening to my inner monologue,” I rebuke.

You guessed it Tom and I are those “freaks”. Lillian, too. But she’s not my friend and I don’t want to talk about her.
“Why isn’t the train coming? Lily, you didn’t mess with it did you?” Tom asks.

“Mess with it? That be a waste of my powers. I’m saving my powers for the exam we have today,” she says with her sadistic smile. “I bet Anthony forgot we had one. He’s been absent a lot.”

“Don’t talk about me as if I’m not here, you hag.”
“It’s not as if you studied for it, right? Want my help? It’ll cost you.”
She’s smirking while looking me up and down. I can feel the heat rushing to my face.
The train pulls into the station and I quickly get on to hide my embarrassment.
I can’t handle that woman.
“But she handles you so well,” Tom whispers in my ear.
I shiver. Thirty minutes left on the train and I’ll be at school. The real challenge awaits me at school and why do I already want my bed.

“If I take person’s ‘protective gear’ in front of Lillian how would she react?” I ask Tom.

“More sadistic and bully you. Why, you like being bullied? Is that why you asked? And she’s the least of your worries if you take off the gear,” he replies.
Lillian snuggles next to me and asks, “have you submitted to my skills? I’m willing to stop time now to molest you a little.”

I want to shove her away, but how many people will believe that she’s molesting me and not the other way around. Zero, no one will believe me.

“Maybe some other time,” she purrs and snuggles closer as she groped my butt.
2D girls are better.

Ch 4
I slowly drag my feet to the door. This is the building I dread the most to come into. It looks like it could house people in a condo style and yet it’s a school. A school with a 22:3 student to teacher ratio and a 32% of those students are well known to be “freaks”. Now I don’t say freaks as in we were experiments on or we are mutants. Get your head out the gutters people. There is magic in this world and it came from who knows what and who knows where, but it’s here. Those that have it are either treated like Gods, Entertainers, or whatever it is that is considered holy to people of the time.
“Are you done narrating how much you don’t want to open the door?” Tom said.

“You’re staring at the door handle like it’s going to strip you of all your unnecessary pride.”
“Stop listening and if you wanna go inside take Lils’ with you,” I retort.
“Awe, is that my new pet name,” Lillian butts in. “I’ll call you TonTon.”

“Who the hell wants to be called that and I didn’t give you a name. You misheard.”
“Is that so?”

She said it so smoothly with her lips upturned at the corners that I found myself shivering.

“Why can’t she be like Miku-tan,” I thought through near tear-stained eyes.
From the corner of my eyes I could see Tom laughing silently. He listened again and had probably made fun of Miku-tan. I sighed knowing that getting revenge for Miku-tan would be impossible.

I pull the handle and enter the wild. The “freaks” have to use a separate entrance door from the regular education students or it will get dangerous or so they say. I feel that by separating us, they are distinctly tell others that we are freaks, yes, that’s a different meaning.
“Freaks” treated highly, i.e. Superhero, entertainers.
Freaks treated like your lunch left overs, i.e. trash, mutants, leftovers.

I am a freak. A leftover. I have no power other than the fact that I am extremely hot/handsome/beautiful/cute. Whatever.
Tom and Lillian have been dragging me to the classroom while I thought the same thing over for the billionth time.
I. Want. To. Be. In. My. Bed.
The door burst open and everyone is looking. Well, except the class rep. That person is busy flinging the papers around without paying attention to who they hit.

“Would you stop what you’re doing for a second and look up to see whether your hitting anyone, Alex?” Lillian screams.
Boss as ever. It’s a good thing she’s the vice class rep.
Alex looks up and says, ” Oh, it’s Lillian. I wasn’t paying attention. I thought I had it geologically plotted out in my mind. I’ll try again.”
He looked at the entire class and blinked. The papers went exactly to each desk, placed neatly at the center of each desk.
“Those are the announcements for our class. As per usual, our assignments are on your devices. If you need anything, don’t ask me. Ask Lillian.”

“Hey!” She screamed again.

This class has the most ridiculous system ever. Other than for exams we don’t have instructors. Our exams are the same as the regular classes, but we always have them an hour before them.
So, you may have guessed. I have no reason to go to school except for exams and yet you have to 80% attendance to pass. This school is stupid.

I told my mom last week that my life goal is to be a NEET (not in education or employment training) and sponge off of her for the rest of my life.
She said my blessing of a face and body was wasted on me.

And I’m absolutely OK with that.
Or so I thought. Because from today onward something amazing and preposterous happened.
The class of “freaks” got a transfer student from the regular class.

Ch 5
“You need to introduce yourself,” Alex, the class rep, said.
“I’m Melissa Lizano. Umm, anything else,” she semi-whispered.
“I’m so jealous why do you get to sit next to the princess!”
“It’s not fair!”
“Switch seats with me!”
“He’s a beautiful Prince, not a princess! Please have my kids!”
They are all disgusting. All of these compliments (insults) are directed at me, Anthony D’Angelo, a beautiful, sexy God.
“Don’t narrate yourself as beautiful even if you are,” Tom muttered to my right.
“Did he? That’s cute,” Dallas said in the seat in front of me.
“As expected of the beautiful, doesn’t-want-to-be narcissist,” Pat said behind me.
Did I mention Pat’s foot (without shoes) is groping my butt and Dallas’s hands have been on my balls since I walked in. I can’t pretend that it’s both girls but I don’t like 3D girls.
“You might want to add that Pat is equivalent to Patricia, not Patrick,” Tom’s thought crossed my mind.
I hate when he does that. It feels worse than when he says it aloud. At least then the entire monologue inside my head is still mine.
And yeah, her name’s Patricia, I like her better than Lillian because she’s average on test, the top athlete in our class and not conniving.
“Can I play with your butt?” Pat asks.
“You’re already ‘playing’ with my butt.”
“It looks bigger.”
The whole class was silent as everyone, including Tom tried to look at my butt.
“When are we going to start class?” Someone whispered.
Everyone turned to my left, at my new seat partner. Melissa doesn’t seem to like attention, but she also doesn’t seem to be fazed by me.
“Class already started,” I said smiling. “This is how it always is.”
“He looks so cute.”
“He explained better than class rep.”
“He can be my personal class rep.”
“Ant, your inside voice is leaking to the outside,” Tom muttered.
“So?” I said proudly.
Most of the class burst into laughter but I noticed that Melissa was messing with her device. As expected of a regular student, achievements are everything to them.
I put my head down and try to sleep until the test. I’m well aware that I’m going to fail. I’m the second to last place student in the entire grade. I don’t even want to be in school, so it will take a miracle for me to move up in the ranks.
Or so I thought.
The exam came and went and I was placed third to last. I still failed but Melissa placed below me.
“That’s something I didn’t expect,” I told Tom. “She should be at least smarter than me. And last place goes to the guy that living my dream as a shut-in”.
“The class shut-in is a girl.”
“Does that matter?”
“I guess not.”
“I think I’m slowly getting interested in Melissa.”
“She’s a real girl. You sure you’re interested. What about Miku-tan?”
“What about Miku-tan? This is a completely different matter.”
Tom put his hand to my head and said, ” You don’t have a fever. Never mind, you’re just an idiot.”
Class ended on that note.
As I was heading out the door, I completely forgot about the desire to go home because I wanted to tail Melissa. That was a mistake because Tom and Lillian tailed me and the rest of the class tailed them.
I. Made. A. Really. BIG. Mistake.

Ch 6
Melissa absolutely hates me. I’m not just telling you this. She definitely hates me.
I thought I was doing stealth mode well.
“I’m a ninja,” I thought.
Melissa enters an expensive boutique and I stare at the place knowing that:
1. I didn’t want to go in.
2. She would see me no matter what I did.
So I head to the door and she walks out as I touch the knob hitting me in the face with the door frame.
“Are you ok?” She asks in a monotone voice.
I look up at her and I can see her glaring up at me. She looks around and spots our entire class hiding behind lamp post and trees.
I look up. Those word, the words that I usually say, were being directed at me.
Melissa side-stepped me and left.
I want to go home and burrow myself in my bed.
I kneel to the ground, not able to feel my legs. A living creature has ignored my, Anthony D’Angelo’s, presence, “sexiness,” me.
Tom walks over and looks at me.
“Let’s get you home,” he speaks softly. “Let’s go watch Miku-tan together.”
He grabs my arm and drags me home.
We left our entire class behind and I didn’t look back, so I missed the fact that Lillian wasn’t there.

She was still tailing Melissa.

Chapter 7

She walked with confidence down the crowded street avoiding all the people rushing to who knows where. It hasn’t been that long since she parted from a perfectly sculptured, beautiful man who happens to be an idiot. A cute idiot is always nice to have around.
Even so, she’s entering a hospital.
Did she think she was sick after meeting him? It can’t be helped since she’s in denial of how much she wants to touch that sexy butt.
I wonder why she’s buying a stuffed bear at the gift shop, I thought.
I follow her in and stare at the chips as if I couldn’t choose one. As she was leaving I bought a pack of gum out of courtesy.
Maybe I should have followed that sexy butt all the way home instead of the know it all rude girl. I once froze time so I could enter his room and sniff his clothes only to find him hiding under multiple blankets surrounded by body pillows of his beloved Miku-tan. I took pictures for later use. Blackmailing him into a date also sounded nice.
I got sidetracked. Where did Melissa go?
Ah I found her as she entered a patient’s room in the intensive care unit. On the sign plaque, her last name was displayed.

Looking through the window, I saw Melissa standing over an unconscious Melissa?

Chapter 8

“Ant, don’t run away from reality without knowing the circumstance of Melissa’s life?!”
“So, you know them?”
Tom had a grim face as he shook his head and stated, “I can’t read her.”
That’s odd. I’ve never seen Tom look so frustrated in all of the time I’ve known him. He’s usually very calm and collected, has great grades and is good at sports, but then again he probably just reads the people around him. Seriously, what a cheat.
“I can hear you and I don’t do that because I want to. You of all people should know how involuntary I am when it comes to hear people all the time. Do you think I want to know how many boys my sister is dating at once? Or our math teachers dream of eating you on a silver platter surrounded by her 11 cats? Or that all the people in this area are staring at you but because we aren’t too close to others they don’t know why they keep staring?! After all in your protective gear you look like a freaking pervert.”
“What the hell?! Should I just take it all off then?! Yes! Let’s Get Mobbed!”
I started to pull of my sunglasses and unzip my hoodie, but some sweaty hands grabbed me.
“I apologize, now keep your clothes on. And sorry for my sweaty hands, it’s hot.”
“You know you always freak out over nothing. And I want to discuss countermeasures to Ms. Kampala. For her to be 26 with that many cats is just…”
I can feel my face contort in disgust.
“OK, so we have to change that mindset. You can’t think everyone is disgusting, even in your mind. Just because you are beautiful doesn’t mean you won’t get stabbed. Hell, I bet you have a higher chance of being stabbed because of it! There are people who can’t handle their own level of jealousy and who knows ‘envy is the beauties underbelly.’”
Now, I’m certain if I said this before; however, we the freaks are attracting a lot of attention. I can’t help focus on the people because of how boring and annoying this guy next to be is. The people walking in to sign posts. The men using their baggy shirts, hoodies, and suit jacket trying to cover their junk. The women with their red faces. Overall, everyone is just horny. How can I not find these people disgusting and unattractive. How can this idiotic genius ask me this? If I am to be stabbed, I will die with thoughts of Miku-tan.
“You won’t regret your last encounter with Melissa? Maybe Melissa is your 3D Miku-tan?”
Do you mind? What’s the point of even opening my mouth, right?Are you trying to imitate Lillian? I won’t forgive you!!! You understand? Comprendé? Ét tu, Tom?
“You are such a ridiculous child. However, I have to commend you for knowing a line from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.”
“You just picked a fight. I’m stripping,” I said as I began to remove my glasses. I dropped them to the floor and squashed them underfoot. “Oops.”
Tom glared furiously as he replied, “Look what you did. Run!”
We ran toward the area that had bathroom in the train station. I completely regret breaking my glasses. I’m sorry, Tom. We aren’t even halfway home. Uggghhh , my mouth got the better of me.
Inside the bathroom, Tom pulled out a sign that says out of order. Where the hell did he get that?!
“I’ve had this for 8 years now. How long do you think you’ve been my best friend. “
Tom checks each stall and makes sure they are empty before he puts the sign up on the outside of the door. He’s gonna let me have it now.

Chapter 9

After having my head thoroughly screamed at, Tom bought me new glasses and we headed home uneventfully. Well, other than the usual molester or two, tom and I head home uneventfully. Tom lives two doors down and guess what Lillian lives in between. How that makes sense I don’t know. Why I head to school alone when I have travel buddies? Because I rarely attend school. I attend the bare minimum number of classes and I get the bare minimum passing grade. Lots of bare minimums here and there. So in the morning I travel alone. Today was a phenomenon of unnatural proportion.
So I went home and ate. I then regretted ever meeting Melissa and snuggled with my body pillow, Miku-tan, as I fell asleep.

Chapter 10

I woke up realizing I had to go to school today, too. I continued to skip a specific class for 3 weeks and got a voicemail saying I’d be held back if I didn’t show up. Did you guess what this hexed class’ name is? No?
It’s gym. The class where everyone gets a freebie to touch one another and make it an accident. There are no accidents. This class is where I spend the most time fearing those around me. When gym class is inside, my teacher and schoolmates took every chance to touch me and it wasn’t pleasant. Have you ever been tackled while someone gives you a purple nurple or removes your cup to get to what’s underneath?! Outdoors class are the same except all the incessant animals getting a whiff of my pheromones and add to my predators list. Even then, that isn’t the worst part. It would be the locker room. No cameras and nearly 10 minutes of naked Anthony to themselves’ syndrome can definitely put a cramp on my mood.
I get up and get dressed. As I head down the stairs, I see a plate wrapped it plastic with a sticky note saying, “Go to school or else. Love, Mom XO.”
Isn’t mom sweet? She’s a surgeon at a major hospital so she’s rarely home now, but she used to just take regular 9-5 when she was a nurse. I’m proud of her and she mostly let’s me make my own decisions. School is a different subject; don’t ask but if you did, mom can be scary when she wants to be.
My favorite moment of witnessing her anger is when it wasn’t directed at me, but at my principal. Mom always sides with me. Once again, my mom’s cool. I promise I tell her usually.
Any way, I grab the note scribble “going”. And take the sandwich with me to leave.
I lock my door and walk down the path out of my yard. I see some silhouettes just standing there by my gate. I was ready to make a mad dash when I see who it is.
“How sweet of you to wait for me,” I call out to them.
“You’re lucky Lillian wanted to walk to school with you,” Tom replies bitterly.
“Well I couldn’t let an idiotic beauty travel by himself,” Lillian rebutted me. “He just might end up kidnapped again. What is the count up to now? Six?”
“We are at nine if we count our principal.”
Ughh, I tried to keep some dignity. Yeah my mom got angry at my principal for kidnapping me and taking pictures of me in little girl clothes. I’m sorry mom that you had to see that.
However, she did the same as him when I was younger. I was cuter than anyone else and was entered into beauty pageants for girls and I won every year until they realized I was a boy. By the way the found out when I was twelve and they let me continue if I wanted. Apparently, the quality of the pageant would go down if I left.
Anyway, today I got some bodyguards from the get go. They are still going to get me, but I got some sense of comfort from my friends being beside me.

Chapter 11

I will omit the ride here. You already know how my ride her was so all I can say is: my neighbors are gross, the animals are repulsive, and the strangers are down right disgusting. I just love it.
After entering the classroom, I quickly jog to my seat and ignore the fever around me. Then, a note was dropped on my desk. I snatched it before others noticed. I saw Melissa slip into the seat next to me and I slide lower in my seat and Patricia continue her touching. I pretended to sleep as I open the note beneath my desk. I see Lillian’s hand writing and keep reading.
Need to talk. Please, Ant.
I sigh in my posture lower to the desk. Lillian doesn’t do urgency; pranking and childish games are more her thing. I wish she gave a time or where. Seriously, she’s so smart, but never thinks things through.
The rest of the day went on as per normal. The groping continued and I kept on sleeping. Then, in gym I head to the locker room and I see some glazed eyes. When I opened my locker door, I immediately closed it. Lillian was chilling in my cramped locker sniffing my clothes.

Chapter 12

I bet you were shocked at Lily, right? Well this isn’t the first time I saw her do this, but this is the first time I actually caught her in the act.
“Lillian, get out of there and put my clothes down. I really want to day disgusting but I recently got scolded for it so I’m trying not to look at you like a bug I stepped on. Okay?”
Lillian looked at me with eyes filled with ecstasy and replied, “Can’t be helped. I just wasn’t able to control my habit.”
I looked at her with annoyance and continue the conversation.
“So, what do you want?”
I could feel my eyes widen from just her name.I gulped down my unpleasant feelings and continued with a uh-huh to act normal.
“I followed her yesterday. Ant, I don’t want you around her. Things will only get worse as you delve down the rabbit hole.”
“I thought you were the rabbit hole and I planned to avoid that road anyway.”
“Anthony, I’m not joking right now.”
I properly looked at Lillian for the first time in many years and saw the determination in her eyes. She didn’t have a trace of her usual joking and disgusting self, which shocked me more than when she set up hidden cameras in my room.
“I’ll be careful,” I answered diligently.
I heard her sigh with relief and in the next instance she was gone but so were my swimming trunks that I left in my locker.
That witch seriously takes any opportunity for her self-pleasure.
I sat down forgetting how late I am to gym class and remember the first time I saw Melissa.
I actually knew her before she entered our class. At that time, I was riding the train to school and the girl standing in front of me collapsed. I brought her to the hospital and the moment her parents came, I ran away. Well ran to school to at least attend part of school.
How long has it been?
I closed my eyes and realized that event was about half a year ago.
Well, it’s none of my business, I think as I head towards the gym for the death class.

Chapter 13

All throughout gym class, Anthony behaved as usual. The class used every chance possible to get a bit frisky with him. Of course, I joined in from the beginning. Butt, chest, biceps. Check!
“Ugh! Stop it! Damn it, I know it’s you, Lillian!”
Obviously, not like he can catch me. I am in my element!
I use the stopwatch that is always in my peripheral view. I click its imaginary button and start groping the individual area, then take a step back. Click.
“Lills, you did something!”
Click and repeat. I saved up time just for such an event. You are so wonderful. I make sure to wipe my mouth before the next click.
“That’s the end of class. Anthony, hit the showers,” shouts the gym teacher.
I gave the gym teacher a thumbs up. Shower Anthony! Must see!
“I refuse. Do you see their eyes! No, too gross!”
Well, I’ve lost all interest in the rest of my classes. I’m already ahead in all of the subjects. Should I play some more with Anthony in classes?
I’m heading to the changing room as I think about these nonessential thoughts.
“Melissa, have you gotten used to class yet?” I ask the moment I see her.
She looks up for a meet second and nods.
I grab her the minute she tries to change. I shall enjoy myself while I can.
“Lillian found her new prey~”
“Poor, Melissa~”
“Let’s finish quickly ~”
As usual I know how to get rid of the nuisance. Of course, I was still groping her and the likes while Melissa tries to fight me off. Weak, why are you so weak?
The last person left and we have 3 minutes more before the next class.
I still have 6 minutes left of time change.
“Melissa, how is irrigation you are here and in a hospital?”
Asi ask her this, I grab her wrist and bring her into my timeless dimension. I could feel the tension in her wrist as Melissa made a fist.
“Everyone may see me as an add on to Anthony, but don’t be mistaken. I’m his childhood friend.”
“What does that have to do with your first question?”
“I’m certain that you didn’t get caught and thrown into the freak class by accident. That face, oh, is it because I called it a freak class. No need to be upset, we are in this together. The freak class. Anyway, I’m just warning you to not get Anthony involved in your antics. It’s not fair to him,” I answer Melissa aiming to antagonize her
“Again, what does this have to do with that arrogant prick?”
I slam her into her locker and glare at her as hard as I can.
“You don’t know him so don’t make assumptions,” I growl at her. “I know you’re looking for the key to unlock you. I personally feel that it’s better that your body became a hollow shell. Why don’t you trying walking around this world actually conscious of what you do.”
I left the room and clicked the timer before heading to class.

Chapter 14

I look up to Tom who is loading me with my gear.
“You okay? You seem absent minded since gym. It didn’t seem any tougher than usual.”
“Nah, just a lot on my mind. I should just head back to Miku-tan and it will all disappear.”
“Well good to know your escape from reality is still as normal as ever.”
Can an escape from reality really be normal? I wonder what it’s like for other people to walk down the street or to attend school? These powers aren’t supposed to last past late teens, so will I be fine to attend college?
I chuckle dryly.
“You can attend college. You can be an web designer. Didn’t we promise to get through this at that time?” Tom smiled wide.
“I promised, too, you know,” she said as she was running.
“Why are you so late, Lillian?” I asked her.
“She was just scaring underclassman that we’re trying to steal your pencils,” replied Tom.
“So only you can take my pencil?”
“Unlike those brats, I replace them with the same pencils of the same brand with the same amount of usage to the tee,” Lillian responds proudly.
I sigh inwardly and realize the uselessness of this conversation.
“Thanks for cheering me up,” I laugh.
Seeing my smile, Lillian also smiles while Tom watches over us.
“What’s with the watches over you? I’m the same age as you. Don’t go turning people into your parents on your own accord.”

I’m laying in bed remembering this event. It hasn’t even been half a day but I can’t help but feel embarrassed by my behavior. Tom obviously knew what I was thinking, but why did Lillian notice. Is that because she’s a stalker or because we’ve known each other since we were children? I guess I’ll just be thankful for that.

Chapter 15

I probably changed my dream a million and one times, but I think no matter what I’d want to be a web designer, like my dad.

Ding dong.

“Mom, the door… She left again, huh.”

Should I put on clothes? I thought. Sigh.
I throw on a hand-me-down sweater and ripped jeans, then walk down the stairs.

Ding dong.
Shut up, I’m coming. Seriously, what an impatient person. When I open the door, I almost immediately closed it on instinct.

“I’m here, too. Why didn’t you have clothes on?” Tom asks.
“No clothes? Why didn’t you come out like that?! Everyone would have immediately gone into heat. That sounds fun. Fufu.”

You can guess who that is already. What a gross way of laughing; only anime villainess characters laugh like that, you know?

“She knows it upsets you and does it on purpose. Now, let us in. Or do you not want to graduate in a year’s time.”
Tom, you’re such a mom. You’re more of a mom than my mom.
“Your mom will fight you. Ahh, if she could only hear you…”
I open the door wide on that note, while scratching my tummy.

“For someone who’s terrible at sports to have no unnecessary fat. Haaa,” Lillian drools.

You can guess that I tried to close the door on her only to lose in physical strength. She breezed in and went to my kitchen to get glasses and plates for all the ‘delicious’ drinks and food she brought.
It hurts me but it’s really delicious. She treats me like an obedient kid at these times. She is only ever invited to our study group if she brings food since she’s a bother to begin with.

“Anthony, hurry up. Why are you in a fetal position in your front door way.”
“I didn’t die yet?”
“From what?”
“…” I mumble.
Embarrassment, I think.

Before I know it, Thomas dragged me to my room and a cookie was shoved into my mouth. Also mathematical skills workbooks were open in front of me. To my left was English and to my right was U.S. History.
I look up for my sanctuary, Miku-tan merchandise, but…

“Too cruel! Where’s Mike-tan?! Have you kidnapped her?”
“Everything is in hiding, so when you need relief from studying, look at me, ok?” Lillian replied.

“Let’s get started.”

Chapter 16

“Let’s take a break. You’re currently too broken to absorb anymore,” Tom muttered in semi-protest. “Seriously…”
I could feel my joints on hung as my brain was fried a long time ago. Eventually, the weight of my head felt like a ton of lead causing me to be unable to lift it from the table.

“Stop giving yourself an excuse for not doing any work. Spring break is starting in two weeks. Do you plan on being the reason why class president won’t lend our class his villa?”

“Everyone only wants to go for a glimpse at my body!”

Just because the class president comes from a rich family, he really only wants to flaunt it off. The villa is located in a private beach. If you don’t own a residence in the location, you can’t even step foot on the beach. I admit it’s a beautiful and well maintained beach. His house, or mansion would describe it better, is clean to a minuscule degree and shows how high class it is from the inside out.
Super privileged!
It’s not like I’m jealous!

“That’s true but what’s wrong with that?” Lils interjected.
“Lils, huh…”
Did you say something? I didn’t hear it so please let me eat. I’m at the point where even Lillian can feed me, I think.

“Lillian,” Thomas looks at her with a straight face. “Anthony wants you to feed him.”
A split second later, I have a fork very close to my eyes with cake on it’s end. Ignoring the possibility of the fork going through my head, I pondered why she went straight to dessert.
“Sugar for the brain, maybe.”
“Tom stop answering my inner monologue. We’ve talked about this, man.”

My head is still on the table throughout the whole conversation; however, the moment Lillian’s triple chocolate fudge-center cake hits my tongue, my entire body wiggles around like jell-O.
“So gooouudd!!” I yelled through my tears.
“Say ahh?!”

Even your gross laughter won’t get in the way of this cake. This moment is second best to a good morning wake up from Miku-tan!

Ohayo gozaimasu yan!

I didn’t even realize I had tuned them out and focused on the idea of Miku-tan feeding me the cake.

And so, I passed out from a nosebleed.

(Authors Note: I wanted a feeding scene, so please forgive me)

Ch. 17

Looking at the screen in my desk for the exam results, I finally saw my name. As had now become the usual result, I’m second from last, but with barely passing rates.

Doesn’t matter the numbers, as long as mama bear doesn’t kill me, I thought with relief.
I look to my left to see Melissa banging her head on the table in outrage at her last place-spring break class grades.

3 points away from passing, I thought. How pitiful.
I continued to look at her with pitying eyes until she noticed and glared.

Kawai (scary).
“Kawai(scary), not kawaii(cute)? 2D isn’t everything, you know?”

Tom laughed at my lack of response. If I had to say Melissa was super cute but she hates me so how can I not find her scary. She had mid-length hair that smelled of strawberries, with rounded almond shaped eyes and full lips. She rarely wore make-up but if she did I think it would accent her angled face. Even then she still scary when angered. Ah, but Lillian is still more frightening, but that’s a different category.
“I never saw you as the type to compliment anyone besides your 2D wife,” Tom said.
“It’s a matter of aesthetics. I’ve said this far too much, but can’t you listen to someone else’s thoughts?”
“Who’d he compliment?” (Dallas)
“Was it me?”(Patricia)
“No, it’s me!” (Taylor)
“…” (Melissa)
“Stop!” I scream.
Even the ever to their self Taylor, who suits at the back of the class, got involved today? Ugh, I can’t help but feel sick.

I continue to use the screen in front of me for a homepage design rather than school work until class ends.

Ever since Tom told me that even I could go to college I’ve seriously been working towards graphic design. I’m making a portfolio of art designs and of different home pages with unique layout settings. I can’t code or anything like that, but there have been people visiting my page for my art and giving compliments, advise and cheering me on. I could feel motivation just from that alone.

Yeah, I got hate mail too, but they all nicely got put into spam and blocked from the site. Criticism is fine but they went too far.

There is an amazing urge to break this hand that has entered my pants. Just because I was focusing, You Damn Pervert!

I kicked Pat’s chair and he bum rushed to the floor.
I fled to the bathroom and hid there for the rest of the day as tears fell down my face.