Beauty is Pain Ch. 17

Ch. 17

Looking at the screen in my desk for the exam results, I finally saw my name. As had now become the usual result, I’m second from last, but with barely passing rates.

Doesn’t matter the numbers, as long as mama bear doesn’t kill me, I thought with relief.
I look to my left to see Melissa banging her head on the table in outrage at her last place-spring break class grades.

3 points away from passing, I thought. How pitiful.
I continued to look at her with pitying eyes until she noticed and glared.

Kawai (scary).
“Kawai(scary), not kawaii(cute)? 2D isn’t everything, you know?”

Tom laughed at my lack of response. If I had to say Melissa was super cute but she hates me so how can I not find her scary. She had mid-length hair that smelled of strawberries, with rounded almond shaped eyes and full lips. She rarely wore make-up but if she did I think it would accent her angled face. Even then she still scary when angered. Ah, but Lillian is still more frightening, but that’s a different category.
“I never saw you as the type to compliment anyone besides your 2D wife,” Tom said.
“It’s a matter of aesthetics. I’ve said this far too much, but can’t you listen to someone else’s thoughts?”
“Who’d he compliment?” (Dallas)
“Was it me?”(Patricia)
“No, it’s me!” (Taylor)
“…” (Melissa)
“Stop!” I scream.
Even the ever to their self Taylor, who suits at the back of the class, got involved today? Ugh, I can’t help but feel sick.

I continue to use the screen in front of me for a homepage design rather than school work until class ends.

Ever since Tom told me that even I could go to college I’ve seriously been working towards graphic design. I’m making a portfolio of art designs and of different home pages with unique layout settings. I can’t code or anything like that, but there have been people visiting my page for my art and giving compliments, advise and cheering me on. I could feel motivation just from that alone.

Yeah, I got hate mail too, but they all nicely got put into spam and blocked from the site. Criticism is fine but they went too far.

There is an amazing urge to break this hand that has entered my pants. Just because I was focusing, You Damn Pervert!

I kicked Pat’s chair and she bum rushed to the floor.
I fled to the bathroom and hid there for the rest of the day as tears fell down my face.