Beauty is Pain Ch. 15

Chapter 15
I probably changed my dream a million and one times, but I think no matter what I’d want to be a web designer, like my dad.
Ding dong.
“Mom, the door… She left again, huh.”
Should I put on clothes? I thought. Sigh.
I throw on a hand-me-down sweater and ripped jeans, then walk down the stairs.
Ding dong.
Shut up, I’m coming. Seriously, what an impatient person. When I open the door, I almost immediately closed it on instinct.
“I’m here, too. Why didn’t you have clothes on?” Tom asks.
“No clothes? Why didn’t you come out like that?! Everyone would have immediately gone into heat. That sounds fun. Fufu.”
You can guess who that is already. What a gross way of laughing; only anime villainess characters laugh like that, you know?
“She knows it upsets you and does it on purpose. Now, let us in. Or do you not want to graduate in a years time.”
Tom, you’re such a mom. You’re more of a mom than my mom.
“Your mom will fight you. Ahh, if she could only hear you…”
I open the door wide on that note, while scratching my tummy.
“For someone who’s terrible at sports to have no unnecessary fat. Haaa,” Lillian drools.
You can guess that I tried to close the door on her only to lose in physical strength. She breezed in and went to my kitchen to get glasses and plates for all the ‘delicious’ drinks and food she brought.

It hurts me but it’s really delicious. She treats me like an obedient kid at these times. She is only ever invited to our study group if she brings food since she’s a bother to begin with.
“Anthony, hurry up. Why are you in a fetal position in your front door way.”
“I didn’t die yet?”
“From what?”
“…” I mumble.
Embarrassment, I think.
Before I know it, Thomas dragged me to my room and a cookie was shoved into my mouth. Also mathematical skills workbooks were open in front of me. To my left was English and to my right was U.S. History.
I look up for my sanctuary, Miku-tan merchandise, but…
“Too cruel! Where’s Mike-tan?! Have you kidnapped her?”
“Everything is in hiding, so when you need relief from studying, look at me, ok?” Lillian replied.
“Let’s get started.”


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