Beauty is Pain Ch. 14

Chapter 14

I look up to Tom who is loading me with my gear.

“You okay? You seem absent minded since gym. It didn’t seem any tougher than usual.”

“Nah, just a lot on my mind. I should just head back to Miku-tan and it will all disappear.”
“Well good to know your escape from reality is still as normal as ever.”

Can an escape from reality really be normal? I wonder what it’s like for other people to walk down the street or to attend school? These powers aren’t supposed to last past late teens, so will I be fine to attend college?
I chuckle dryly.

“You can attend college. You can be a web designer. Didn’t we promise to get through this at that time?” Tom smiled wide.

“I promised, too, you know,” she said as she was running.

“Why are you so late, Lillian?” I asked her.

“She was just scaring underclassman that we’re trying to steal your pencils,” replied Tom.
“So only you can take my pencil?”

“Unlike those brats, I replace them with the same pencils of the same brand with the same amount of usage to the tee,” Lillian responds proudly.
I sigh inwardly and realize the uselessness of this conversation.

“Thanks for cheering me up,” I laugh.

Seeing my smile, Lillian also smiles while Tom watches over us.

“What’s with the watches over you? I’m the same age as you. Don’t go turning people into your parents on your own accord.”
I’m laying in bed remembering this event. It hasn’t even been half a day but I can’t help but feel embarrassed by my behavior.

Tom obviously knew what I was thinking, but why did Lillian notice. Is that because she’s a stalker or because we’ve known each other since we were children?

I guess I’ll just be thankful for that.


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