Beauty is Pain Ch. 13

Chapter 13
All throughout gym class, Anthony behaved as usual. The class used every chance possible to get a bit frisky with him. Of course, I joined in from the beginning. Butt, chest, biceps. Check!

“Ugh! Stop it! Damn it, I know it’s you, Lillian!”
Obviously, not like he can catch me. I am in my element!

I use the stopwatch that is always in my peripheral view. I click its imaginary button and start groping the individual area, then take a step back. Click.

“Lills, you did something!”
Click and repeat. I saved up time just for such an event. You are so wonderful. I make sure to wipe my mouth before the next click.

“That’s the end of class. Anthony, hit the showers,” shouts the gym teacher.
I gave the gym teacher a thumbs up. Shower Anthony! Must see!
“I refuse. Do you see their eyes! No, too gross!”

Well, I’ve lost all interest in the rest of my classes. I’m already ahead in all of the subjects. Should I play some more with Anthony in classes?

I’m heading to the changing room as I think about these nonessential thoughts.
“Melissa, have you gotten used to class yet?” I ask the moment I see her.
She looks up for a meet second and nods.
I grab her the minute she tries to change. I shall enjoy myself while I can.
“Lillian found her new prey~”
“Poor, Melissa~”
“Let’s finish quickly ~”

As usual I know how to get rid of the nuisance. Of course, I was still groping her and the likes while Melissa tries to fight me off. Weak, why are you so weak?

The last person left and we have 3 minutes more before the next class.
I still have 6 minutes left of time change.

“Melissa, how is irrigation you are here and in a hospital?”

As I ask her this, I grab her wrist and bring her into my timeless dimension. I could feel the tension in her wrist as Melissa made a fist.

“Everyone may see me as an add on to Anthony, but don’t be mistaken. I’m his childhood friend.”
“What does that have to do with your first question?”

“I’m certain that you didn’t get caught and thrown into the freak class by accident. That face, oh, is it because I called it a freak class. No need to be upset, we are in this together. The freak class. Anyway, I’m just warning you to not get Anthony involved in your antics. It’s not fair to him,” I answer Melissa aiming to antagonize her.
“Again, what does this have to do with that arrogant prick?”
I slam her into her locker and glare at her as hard as I can.
“You don’t know him so don’t make assumptions,” I growl at her. “I know you’re looking for the key to unlock you. I personally feel that it’s better that your body became a hollow shell. Why don’t you trying walking around this world actually conscious of what you do.”

I left the room and clicked the timer before heading to class.


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