Beauty is Pain Ch. 12

Chapter 12
I bet you were shocked at Lily, right? Well this isn’t the first time I saw her do this, but this is the first time I actually caught her in the act.

“Lillian, get out of there and put my clothes down. I really want to say disgusting, but I recently got scolded for it so I’m trying not to look at you like a bug I stepped on. Okay?”
Lillian looked at me with eyes filled with ecstasy and replied, “Can’t be helped. I just wasn’t able to control my habit.”
I looked at her with annoyance and continue the conversation.
“So, what do you want?”


I could feel my eyes widen from just her name.I gulped down my unpleasant feelings and continued with a uh-huh to act normal.
“I followed her yesterday. Ant, I don’t want you around her. Things will only get worse as you delve down the rabbit hole.”

“I thought you were the rabbit hole and I planned to avoid that road anyway.”
“Anthony, I’m not joking right now.”

I properly looked at Lillian for the first time in many years and saw the determination in her eyes. She didn’t have a trace of her usual joking and disgusting self, which shocked me more than when she set up hidden cameras in my room.
“I’ll be careful,” I answered diligently.

I heard her sigh with relief and in the next instance she was gone but so were my swimming trunks that I left in my locker.
That witch seriously takes any opportunity for her self-pleasure.

I sat down forgetting how late I am to gym class and remember the first time I saw Melissa.

I actually knew her before she entered our class. At that time, I was riding the train to school and the girl standing in front of me collapsed. I brought her to the hospital and the moment her parents came, I ran away. Well ran to school to at least attend part of school.

How long has it been?
I closed my eyes and realized that event was about half a year ago.

Well, it’s none of my business, I think as I head towards the gym for the death class.


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