Beauty is Pain Ch. 16

Chapter 16

“Let’s take a break. You’re currently too broken to absorb anymore,” Tom muttered in semi-protest. “Seriously…”
I could feel my joints on hung as my brain was fried a long time ago. Eventually, the weight of my head felt like a ton of lead causing me to be unable to lift it from the table.

“Stop giving yourself an excuse for not doing any work. Spring break is starting in two weeks. Do you plan on being the reason why class president won’t lend our class his villa?”

“Everyone only wants to go for a glimpse at my body!”

Just because the class president comes from a rich family, he really only wants to flaunt it off. The villa is located in a private beach. If you don’t own a residence in the location, you can’t even step foot on the beach. I admit it’s a beautiful and well maintained beach. His house, or mansion would describe it better, is clean to a minuscule degree and shows how high class it is from the inside out.
Super privileged!
It’s not like I’m jealous!

“That’s true but what’s wrong with that?” Lils interjected.
“Lils, huh…”
Did you say something? I didn’t hear it so please let me eat. I’m at the point where even Lillian can feed me, I think.

“Lillian,” Thomas looks at her with a straight face. “Anthony wants you to feed him.”
A split second later, I have a fork very close to my eyes with cake on it’s end. Ignoring the possibility of the fork going through my head, I pondered why she went straight to dessert.
“Sugar for the brain, maybe.”
“Tom stop answering my inner monologue. We’ve talked about this, man.”

My head is still on the table throughout the whole conversation; however, the moment Lillian’s triple chocolate fudge-center cake hits my tongue, my entire body wiggles around like jell-O.
“So gooouudd!!” I yelled through my tears.
“Say ahh?!”

Even your gross laughter won’t get in the way of this cake. This moment is second best to a good morning wake up from Miku-tan!

Ohayo gozaimasu yan!

I didn’t even realize I had tuned them out and focused on the idea of Miku-tan feeding me the cake.

And so, I passed out from a nosebleed.

(Authors Note: I wanted a feeding scene, so please forgive me. Also I wanted to rewrite it. )


Beauty is Pain Ch. 15

Chapter 15
I probably changed my dream a million and one times, but I think no matter what I’d want to be a web designer, like my dad.
Ding dong.
“Mom, the door… She left again, huh.”
Should I put on clothes? I thought. Sigh.
I throw on a hand-me-down sweater and ripped jeans, then walk down the stairs.
Ding dong.
Shut up, I’m coming. Seriously, what an impatient person. When I open the door, I almost immediately closed it on instinct.
“I’m here, too. Why didn’t you have clothes on?” Tom asks.
“No clothes? Why didn’t you come out like that?! Everyone would have immediately gone into heat. That sounds fun. Fufu.”
You can guess who that is already. What a gross way of laughing; only anime villainess characters laugh like that, you know?
“She knows it upsets you and does it on purpose. Now, let us in. Or do you not want to graduate in a years time.”
Tom, you’re such a mom. You’re more of a mom than my mom.
“Your mom will fight you. Ahh, if she could only hear you…”
I open the door wide on that note, while scratching my tummy.
“For someone who’s terrible at sports to have no unnecessary fat. Haaa,” Lillian drools.
You can guess that I tried to close the door on her only to lose in physical strength. She breezed in and went to my kitchen to get glasses and plates for all the ‘delicious’ drinks and food she brought.

It hurts me but it’s really delicious. She treats me like an obedient kid at these times. She is only ever invited to our study group if she brings food since she’s a bother to begin with.
“Anthony, hurry up. Why are you in a fetal position in your front door way.”
“I didn’t die yet?”
“From what?”
“…” I mumble.
Embarrassment, I think.
Before I know it, Thomas dragged me to my room and a cookie was shoved into my mouth. Also mathematical skills workbooks were open in front of me. To my left was English and to my right was U.S. History.
I look up for my sanctuary, Miku-tan merchandise, but…
“Too cruel! Where’s Mike-tan?! Have you kidnapped her?”
“Everything is in hiding, so when you need relief from studying, look at me, ok?” Lillian replied.
“Let’s get started.”

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Beauty is Pain Ch. 14

Chapter 14

I look up to Tom who is loading me with my gear.

“You okay? You seem absent minded since gym. It didn’t seem any tougher than usual.”

“Nah, just a lot on my mind. I should just head back to Miku-tan and it will all disappear.”
“Well good to know your escape from reality is still as normal as ever.”

Can an escape from reality really be normal? I wonder what it’s like for other people to walk down the street or to attend school? These powers aren’t supposed to last past late teens, so will I be fine to attend college?
I chuckle dryly.

“You can attend college. You can be a web designer. Didn’t we promise to get through this at that time?” Tom smiled wide.

“I promised, too, you know,” she said as she was running.

“Why are you so late, Lillian?” I asked her.

“She was just scaring underclassman that we’re trying to steal your pencils,” replied Tom.
“So only you can take my pencil?”

“Unlike those brats, I replace them with the same pencils of the same brand with the same amount of usage to the tee,” Lillian responds proudly.
I sigh inwardly and realize the uselessness of this conversation.

“Thanks for cheering me up,” I laugh.

Seeing my smile, Lillian also smiles while Tom watches over us.

“What’s with the watches over you? I’m the same age as you. Don’t go turning people into your parents on your own accord.”
I’m laying in bed remembering this event. It hasn’t even been half a day but I can’t help but feel embarrassed by my behavior.

Tom obviously knew what I was thinking, but why did Lillian notice. Is that because she’s a stalker or because we’ve known each other since we were children?

I guess I’ll just be thankful for that.

Beauty is Pain Ch. 13

Chapter 13
All throughout gym class, Anthony behaved as usual. The class used every chance possible to get a bit frisky with him. Of course, I joined in from the beginning. Butt, chest, biceps. Check!

“Ugh! Stop it! Damn it, I know it’s you, Lillian!”
Obviously, not like he can catch me. I am in my element!

I use the stopwatch that is always in my peripheral view. I click its imaginary button and start groping the individual area, then take a step back. Click.

“Lills, you did something!”
Click and repeat. I saved up time just for such an event. You are so wonderful. I make sure to wipe my mouth before the next click.

“That’s the end of class. Anthony, hit the showers,” shouts the gym teacher.
I gave the gym teacher a thumbs up. Shower Anthony! Must see!
“I refuse. Do you see their eyes! No, too gross!”

Well, I’ve lost all interest in the rest of my classes. I’m already ahead in all of the subjects. Should I play some more with Anthony in classes?

I’m heading to the changing room as I think about these nonessential thoughts.
“Melissa, have you gotten used to class yet?” I ask the moment I see her.
She looks up for a meet second and nods.
I grab her the minute she tries to change. I shall enjoy myself while I can.
“Lillian found her new prey~”
“Poor, Melissa~”
“Let’s finish quickly ~”

As usual I know how to get rid of the nuisance. Of course, I was still groping her and the likes while Melissa tries to fight me off. Weak, why are you so weak?

The last person left and we have 3 minutes more before the next class.
I still have 6 minutes left of time change.

“Melissa, how is irrigation you are here and in a hospital?”

As I ask her this, I grab her wrist and bring her into my timeless dimension. I could feel the tension in her wrist as Melissa made a fist.

“Everyone may see me as an add on to Anthony, but don’t be mistaken. I’m his childhood friend.”
“What does that have to do with your first question?”

“I’m certain that you didn’t get caught and thrown into the freak class by accident. That face, oh, is it because I called it a freak class. No need to be upset, we are in this together. The freak class. Anyway, I’m just warning you to not get Anthony involved in your antics. It’s not fair to him,” I answer Melissa aiming to antagonize her.
“Again, what does this have to do with that arrogant prick?”
I slam her into her locker and glare at her as hard as I can.
“You don’t know him so don’t make assumptions,” I growl at her. “I know you’re looking for the key to unlock you. I personally feel that it’s better that your body became a hollow shell. Why don’t you trying walking around this world actually conscious of what you do.”

I left the room and clicked the timer before heading to class.

Beauty is Pain Ch. 12

Chapter 12
I bet you were shocked at Lily, right? Well this isn’t the first time I saw her do this, but this is the first time I actually caught her in the act.

“Lillian, get out of there and put my clothes down. I really want to say disgusting, but I recently got scolded for it so I’m trying not to look at you like a bug I stepped on. Okay?”
Lillian looked at me with eyes filled with ecstasy and replied, “Can’t be helped. I just wasn’t able to control my habit.”
I looked at her with annoyance and continue the conversation.
“So, what do you want?”


I could feel my eyes widen from just her name.I gulped down my unpleasant feelings and continued with a uh-huh to act normal.
“I followed her yesterday. Ant, I don’t want you around her. Things will only get worse as you delve down the rabbit hole.”

“I thought you were the rabbit hole and I planned to avoid that road anyway.”
“Anthony, I’m not joking right now.”

I properly looked at Lillian for the first time in many years and saw the determination in her eyes. She didn’t have a trace of her usual joking and disgusting self, which shocked me more than when she set up hidden cameras in my room.
“I’ll be careful,” I answered diligently.

I heard her sigh with relief and in the next instance she was gone but so were my swimming trunks that I left in my locker.
That witch seriously takes any opportunity for her self-pleasure.

I sat down forgetting how late I am to gym class and remember the first time I saw Melissa.

I actually knew her before she entered our class. At that time, I was riding the train to school and the girl standing in front of me collapsed. I brought her to the hospital and the moment her parents came, I ran away. Well ran to school to at least attend part of school.

How long has it been?
I closed my eyes and realized that event was about half a year ago.

Well, it’s none of my business, I think as I head towards the gym for the death class.