Beauty is Pain Ch. 11

Chapter 11
I will omit the ride here. You already know how my ride her was so all I can say is: my neighbors are gross, the animals are repulsive, and the strangers are down right disgusting. I just love it.

After entering the classroom, I quickly jog to my seat and ignore the fever around me. Then, a note was dropped on my desk. I snatched it before others noticed. I saw Melissa slip into the seat next to me and I slide lower in my seat and Patricia continue her touching. I pretended to sleep as I open the note beneath my desk. I see Lillian’s hand writing and keep reading.

Need to talk. Please, Ant.

I sigh in my posture lower to the desk. Lillian doesn’t do urgency; pranking and childish games are more her thing. I wish she gave a time or where. Seriously, she’s so smart, but never thinks things through.
The rest of the day went on as per normal. The groping continued and I kept on sleeping. Then, in gym I head to the locker room and I see some glazed eyes. When I opened my locker door, I immediately closed it.

Lillian was chilling in my cramped locker sniffing my clothes.



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