Beauty is Pain Ch. 10

Chapter 10
I woke up realizing I had to go to school today, too. I continued to skip a specific class for 3 weeks and got a voicemail saying I’d be held back if I didn’t show up.

Did you guess what this hexed class’ name is?  No?

It’s gym.

The class where everyone gets a freebie to touch one another and make it an accident. There are no accidents. This class is where I spend the most time fearing those around me. When gym class is inside, my teacher and schoolmates took every chance to touch me and it wasn’t pleasant. Have you ever been tackled while someone gives you a purple nurple or removes your cup to get to what’s underneath?!

Outdoors class are the same except all the incessant animals getting a whiff of my pheromones and add to my predators list. Even then, that isn’t the worst part. It would be the locker room. No cameras and nearly 10 minutes of naked Anthony to themselves’ syndrome can definitely put a cramp on my mood.

I get up and get dressed. As I head down the stairs, I see a plate wrapped it plastic with a sticky note saying, “Go to school or else. Love, Mom XO.”

Isn’t mom sweet? She’s a surgeon at a major hospital so she’s rarely home now, but she used to just take regular 9-5 when she was a nurse. I’m proud of her and she mostly let’s me make my own decisions. School is a different subject; don’t ask but if you did, mom can be scary when she wants to be.

My favorite moment of witnessing her anger is when it wasn’t directed at me, but at my principal. Mom always sides with me. Once again, my mom’s cool. I promise I tell her usually.

Any way, I grab the note scribble “going”. And take the sandwich with me to leave.
I lock my door and walk down the path out of my yard. I see some silhouettes just standing there by my gate. I was ready to make a mad dash when I see who it is.

“How sweet of you to wait for me,” I call out to them.
“You’re lucky Lillian wanted to walk to school with you,” Tom replies bitterly.
“Well I couldn’t let an idiotic beauty travel by himself,” Lillian rebutted me. “He just might end up kidnapped again. What is the count up to now? Six?”

“We are at nine. If we count our principal, that is.”

Ughh, I tried to keep some dignity. Yeah my mom got angry at my principal for kidnapping me three times and took pictures of me in little girl clothes. I’m sorry, mom, that you had to see that.

However, she did the same as him when I was younger. I was cuter than anyone else and was entered into beauty pageants for girls and I won every year until they realized I was a boy. By the way, they found out when I was twelve and they planned to let me continue if I wanted. Apparently, the quality of the pageant would go down if I left.

Anyway, today I got some bodyguards from the get go. They are still going to get me, but I got some sense of comfort from my friends being beside me.


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