Beauty is Pain Ch. 8

Chapter 8

“Ant, don’t run away from reality without knowing the circumstance of Melissa’s life?!”
“So, you know them?”

Tom had a grim face as he shook his head and stated, “I can’t read her.”

That’s odd. I’ve never seen Tom look so frustrated in all of the time I’ve known him. He’s usually very calm and collected, has great grades and is good at sports, but then again he probably just reads the people around him. Seriously, what a cheat.

“I can hear you and I don’t do that because I want to. You of all people should know how involuntary I am when it comes to hear people all the time. Do you think I want to know how many boys my sister is dating at once? Or our math teachers dream of eating you on a silver platter surrounded by her 11 cats? Or that all the people in this area are staring at you but because we aren’t too close to others they don’t know why they keep staring?! After all in your protective gear you look like a freaking pervert.”

“What the hell?! Should I just take it all off then?! Yes! Let’s Get Mobbed!”

I started to pull of my sunglasses and unzip my hoodie, but some sweaty hands grabbed me.

“I apologize, now keep your clothes on. And sorry for my sweaty hands, it’s hot.”
“You know you always freak out over nothing. And I want to discuss countermeasures to Ms. Kampala. For her to be 26 with that many cats is just…”
I can feel my face contort in disgust.

“OK, so we have to change that mindset. You can’t think everyone is disgusting, even in your mind. Just because you are beautiful doesn’t mean you won’t get stabbed. Hell, I bet you have a higher chance of being stabbed because of it! There are people who can’t handle their own level of jealousy and who knows ‘envy is the beauties underbelly.’”

Yandere. Kawai ~ (trns: Scary~)

Now, I’m certain if I said this before; however, we the freaks are attracting a lot of attention. I can’t help focus on the people because of how boring and annoying this guy next to me is. The people walking in to sign posts. The men using their baggy shirts, hoodies, and suit jacket trying to cover their junk. The women with their red faces. Overall, everyone is just horny. How can I not find these people disgusting and unattractive. How can this idiotic genius ask me this? If I am to be stabbed, I will die with thoughts of Miku-tan.

“You won’t regret your last encounter with Melissa? Maybe Melissa is your 3D Miku-tan?”

Do you mind? What’s the point of even opening my mouth, right?Are you trying to imitate Lillian? I won’t forgive you!!! You understand? Comprendé? Ét tu, Thomas?
“You are such a ridiculous child. However, I have to commend you for knowing a line from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.”

“You just picked a fight. I’m stripping,” I said as I began to remove my glasses. I dropped them to the floor and squashed them underfoot. “Oops.”

Tom glared furiously as he replied, “Look what you did. Run!”

We ran toward the area that had bathroom in the train station. I completely regret breaking my glasses. I’m sorry, Tom. We aren’t even halfway home. Uggghhh, my mouth got the better of me.

Inside the bathroom, Tom pulled out a sign that says out of order. Where the hell did he get that?!

“I’ve had this for 8 years now. How long do you think you’ve been my best friend?”

Tom checks each stall and makes sure they are empty before he puts the sign up on the outside of the door. He’s gonna let me have it now.

Let the lecture begin.


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