Beauty is Pain Ch. 7

Chapter 7


She walked with confidence down the crowded street avoiding all the people rushing to who knows where. It hasn’t been that long since she parted from a perfectly sculptured, beautiful man who happens to be an idiot. A cute idiot is always nice to have around.

Even so, she’s entering a hospital.

Did she think she was sick after meeting him? It can’t be helped since she’s in denial of how much she wants to touch that sexy butt.

I wonder why she’s buying a stuffed bear at the gift shop, I thought.

I follow her in and stare at the chips as if I couldn’t choose one. As she was leaving I bought a pack of gum out of curtesy.

Maybe I should have followed that sexy butt all the way home instead of the know-it-all rude girl. I once froze time so I could enter his room and sniff his clothes only to find him hiding under multiple blankets surrounded by body pillows of his beloved Miku-tan. I took pictures for later use. Blackmailing him into a date also sounded nice.
I got sidetracked. Where did Melissa go?
Ah I found her as she entered a patient’s room in the intensive care unit. On the sign plaque, her last name was displayed.

Looking through the window, I saw Melissa standing over an unconscious Melissa?

The Melissa standing looked as if her whole world had crumbled, but the Melissa in bed seemed completely at peace with herself.

Just what is going on? I thought.


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