Beauty is Pain Ch. 6

Double release because Ch. 6 is short.


Ch 6

Melissa absolutely hates me. I’m not just telling you this. She definitely hates me.
I thought I was doing stealth mode well.
“I’m a ninja,” I thought.

Melissa enters an expensive boutique and I stare at the place knowing that:

1. I didn’t want to go in.

2. She would see me no matter what I did.

So I head to the door and she walks out as I touch the knob hitting me in the face with the door frame.

“Are you ok?” She asks in a monotone voice.

I look up at her and I can see her glaring up at me. She looks around and spots our entire class hiding behind lamp post and trees.


I look up. Those word, the words that I usually say, were being directed at me.
Melissa side-stepped me and left.
I want to go home and burrow myself in my bed.

I kneel to the ground, not able to feel my legs. A living creature has ignored my, Anthony D’Angelo’s, presence, “sexiness,” me.
Tom walks over and looks at me.

“Let’s get you home,” he speaks softly. “Let’s go watch Miku-tan together.”

He grabs my arm and drags me home.

We left our entire class behind and I didn’t look back, so I missed the fact that Lillian wasn’t there.

She was still tailing Melissa.


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