Beauty is Pain Ch. 5

Ch 5

“You need to introduce yourself,” Alex, the class rep, said.
“I’m Melissa Lizano. Umm, anything else,” she semi-whispered.
“I’m so jealous why do you get to sit next to the princess!”
“It’s not fair!”
“Switch seats with me!”
“He’s a beautiful Prince, not a princess! Please have my kids!”

They are all disgusting. All of these compliments (insults) are directed at me, Anthony D’Angelo, a beautiful, sexy God.

“Don’t narrate yourself as beautiful even if you are,” Tom muttered to my right.
“Did he? That’s cute,” Dallas said in the seat in front of me.
“As expected of the beautiful, doesn’t-want-to-be narcissist,” Pat said behind me.

Did I mention Pat’s foot (without shoes) is groping my butt and Dallas’s hands have been on my balls since I walked in. I can’t pretend that it’s both girls but I don’t like 3D girls.

“You might want to add that Pat is equivalent to Patricia, not Patrick,” Tom’s thought crossed my mind.

I hate when he does that. It feels worse than when he says it aloud. At least then the entire monologue inside my head is still mine.

And yeah, her name’s Patricia, I like her better than Lillian because she’s average on test, the top athlete in our class and not conniving.

“Can I play with your butt?” Pat asks.
“You’re already ‘playing’ with my butt.”
“It looks bigger.”
The whole class was silent as everyone, including Tom tried to look at my butt.

“When are we going to start class?” Someone whispered.

Everyone turned to my left, at my new seat partner. Melissa doesn’t seem to like attention, but she also doesn’t seem to be fazed by me.

“Class already started,” I said smiling. “This is how it always is.”
“He looks so cute.”
“He explained better than class rep.”
“He can be my personal class rep.”

“Ant, your inside voice is leaking to the outside,” Tom muttered.
“So?” I said proudly.

Most of the class burst into laughter but I noticed that Melissa was messing with her device. As expected of a regular student, achievements are everything to them.

I put my head down and try to sleep until the test. I’m well aware that I’m going to fail. I’m the second to last place student in the entire grade. I don’t even want to be in school, so it will take a miracle for me to move up in the ranks.

Or so I thought.

The exam came and went and I was placed third to last. I still failed but Melissa placed below me.

“That’s something I didn’t expect,” I told Tom. “She should be at least smarter than me. And last place goes to the guy that living my dream as a shut-in”.
“The class shut-in is a girl.”
“Does that matter?”
“I guess not.”
“I think I’m slowly getting interested in Melissa.”

“She’s a real girl. You sure you’re interested. What about Miku-tan?”
“What about Miku-tan? This is a completely different matter.”
Tom put his hand to my head and said, ” You don’t have a fever. Never mind, you’re just an idiot.”
Class ended on that note.

As I was heading out the door, I completely forgot about the desire to go home because I wanted to tail Melissa. That was a mistake because Tom and Lillian tailed me and the rest of the class tailed them.

I. Made. A. Really. BIG. Mistake.


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