Beauty is Pain Ch. 4

Ch 4

I slowly drag my feet to the door. This is the building I dread the most to come into. It looks like it could house people in a condo style and yet it’s a school. A school with a 22:3 student to teacher ratio and a 32% of those students are well known to be “freaks”. Now I don’t say freaks as in we were experiments on or we are mutants. Get your head out the gutters people.

There is magic in this world and it came from who knows what and who knows where, but it’s here. Those that have it are either treated like Gods, Entertainers, or whatever it is that is considered holy to people of the time.

“Are you done narrating how much you don’t want to open the door?” Tom said. “You’re staring at the door handle like it’s going to strip you of all your unnecessary pride.”

“Stop listening and if you wanna go inside take Lils’ with you,” I retort.
“Awe, is that my new pet name,” Lillian butts in. “I’ll call you TonTon.”

“Who the hell wants to be called that and I didn’t give you a name. You misheard.”
“Is that so?”
She said it so smoothly with her lips upturned at the corners that I found myself shivering.

“Why can’t she be like Miku-tan,” I thought through near tear-stained eyes.
From the corner of my eyes I could see Tom laughing silently. He listened again and had probably made fun of Miku-tan. I sighed knowing that getting revenge for Miku-tan would be impossible.

I pull the handle and enter the wild. The “freaks” have to use a separate entrance door from the regular education students or it will get dangerous or so they say. I feel that by separating us, they are distinctly tell others that we are freaks, yes, that’s a different meaning.

“Freaks” treated highly, i.e. Superhero, entertainers.
Freaks treated like your lunch left overs, i.e. trash, mutants, leftovers.

I am a freak. A leftover. I have no power other than the fact that I am extremely hot/handsome/beautiful/cute. Whatever.
Tom and Lillian have been dragging me to the classroom while I thought the same thing over for the billionth time.

I. Want. To. Be. In. My. Bed.

The door burst open and everyone is looking. Well except the class rep. That person is busy flinging the papers around without paying attention to who they hit.

“Would you stop what you’re doing for a second and look up to see whether your hitting anyone, Alex?” Lillian screams.
Boss as ever. It’s a good thing she’s the vice class rep.

Alex looks up and says, ” Oh, it’s Lillian. I wasn’t paying attention. I thought I had it geologically plotted out in my mind. I’ll try again.”

He looked at the entire class and blinked. The papers went exactly to each desk, placed neatly at the center of each desk.
“Those are the announcements for our class. As per usual, our assignments are on your devices. If you need anything, don’t ask me. Ask Lillian.”

“Hey!” She screamed again.
This class has the most ridiculous system ever. Other than for exams we don’t have instructors. Our exams are the same as the regular classes, but we always have them an hour before them.

So, you may have guessed. I have no reason to go to school except for exams and yet you have to have 80% attendance to pass. This school is stupid.

I told my mom last week that my life goal is to be a NEET (not in education or employment training) and sponge off of them for the rest of my life.
She said my blessing of a face and body was wasted on me.

And I’m absolutely OK with that.
Or so I thought. Because from today onward something amazing and preposterous happened.

The class of “freaks” got a transfer student from the regular class.


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