Beauty is Pain Ch. 3

Ch 3
We were walking to the train, just Tom and I. I was walking, not running. I couldn’t help sigh with relief. I shouldn’t have. Why the hell did I sigh. Every living thing turned their head at me. I bet you statues wanted to turn their heads, too.

“Run,” whispers Tom.

We dashed through the people, into the streets, avoiding the cars that honked us; we entered the station and swiped our cards. I’m hiding behind Tom to avoid attention and looking at the signs above us.

“Ant, just once can’t you follow the rules I set. Wear the protective gear, don’t talk, and don’t look anyone in the eyes!”

“I didn’t talk, I sighed,” I muttered in his direction. That received a slap in the back of the head.

We turn around and there she is.
Damn, I thought. It’s Lillian.

She is also a student of our school. Now that I thought about it haven’t explained why I go to school or how I got into this school. For your information, I am not smart, not athletic and had no way of getting into a normal school. So, you can guess that my school isn’t normal. 68% of the students are smart enough to get into an Ivy League school, though this school breaks that system. And the other 32%, well, those kids are freaks.

“I guess that makes you a freak,” Tom states.

“Stop listening to my inner monologue,” I rebuke.

You guessed it Tom and I are those “freaks”. Lillian, too. But she’s not my friend and I don’t want to talk about her.
“Why isn’t the train coming? Lily, you didn’t mess with it did you?” Tom asks.
“Mess with it? That be a waste of my powers. I’m saving my powers for the exam we have today,” she says with her sadistic smile. “I bet Anthony forgot we had one. He’s been absent a lot.”

“Don’t talk about me as if I’m not here, you hag.”
“It’s not as if you studied for it, right? Want my help? It’ll cost you.”
She’s smirking while looking me up and down. I can feel the heat rushing to my face.

The train pulls into the station and I quickly get on to hide my embarrassment.
I can’t handle that woman.
“But she handles you so well,” Tom whispers in my ear.

I shiver. Thirty minutes left on the train and I’ll be at school. The real challenge awaits me at school and why do I already want my bed.
“If I take off my ‘protective gear’ in front of Lillian how would she react?” I ask Tom.
“More sadistic and continuously bully you. Why, you like being bullied? Is that why you asked? And she’s the least of your worries if you take off the gear,” he replies.

Lillian snuggles next to me and asks, “Have you submitted to my skills? I’m willing to stop time now to molest you a little.”

I want to shove her away, but how many people will believe that she’s molesting me and not the other way around. Zero, no one will believe me.

“Maybe some other time,” she purrs and snuggles closer as she groped my butt.
2D girls are better.


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